Triple P Parenting

 A programme to support parents and caregivers by engaging, encouraging and empowering families to address common child and adolescent social, emotional and behavioural challenges. Triple P aims to enhance a parent’s knowledge, skills and confidence; to promote the development of non-violent, protective, and nurturing environments for children; to promote the development, growth, health and social competence of children and to enhance the competence, resourcefulness, and self-sufficiency of parenting in raising their children.
We offer:

  • Triple P Discussion Groups

  • One on one support

  • Parent Connect drop in

  • Stepping Stones: For parents of children with disabilities.

Discovery Camp

A four day overnight camp that helps participants to discover potential through adventure challenges and activities. There are opportunities for self-discovery and giving back to the community and these, along with the night activities and programmes, also enable participants develop confidence and self-esteem. It is a whole lot of FUN!


 A programme that helps develop an understanding of anger and violence within a person’s own context. A values based programme, it looks at habits of thinking and speaking and the behavior that stems from there. Outcomes of active participation in the programme include improved self-esteem and confidence, healthier relationships and improved communication.

Seven Habits

A hands on course that teaches tangible life skills that can be personalized to help people become more proactive in creating the kind of life that they desire. Topics covered include taking responsibility, making choices, goal setting and prioritizing. This course is designed to be facilitated either in one on one mentoring sessions or in a group setting, either at the Sowers Trust or within a community setting.

Self Esteem

The self esteem programme is a hands on tool that teaches young people not only to recognise their own strengths and resources, but to challenge negative thinking and self talk. The self esteem programme looks at the root of what is causing low self esteem and confidence, and provides young people with effective tools in helping them to utilise their strengths and build resilience.