The following core values govern our practice as a community service and programme provider.


VISION: Strong, confident families that are able to connect, contribute and thrive in their community.

MISSION: To equip, empower and mentor young people and their families.

VALUES: Faith                 Hope               Compassion                Respect

  • While it is our relationship with Christ that drives our passion to support others, we don’t discriminate.  We help all people - and if we can’t we do our best to find the right people who can. 

  • Social Responsibility – “So I plead, imagine the earth flowered and treed, because each of us sows a seed.   We give of ourselves to fill a need, we teach, we guide, we bandage knees.  When we love each other in word and deed, how can we possibly help but succeed?  We could change the world with staggering speed, if each of us would sow a seed.”  The Lorax, Dr Suess. 

  • We are advocates for promoting personal dignity. 

  •   We endeavour to be the holders of hope for those that we walk alongside until they can hold that for themselves. 

  • We strive to offer community connections and encourage the development of natural supports to build resiliency and promote long term change. 

  • We are a Christian response to the need in our community, sowing seeds of hope.  Through both words and our actions, we seek to display Christ’s love so that others might know Him. 

  • Matthew 25:40 ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’.

 We acknowledge and respect the unique place that Maori have as Tangata Whenua of our land.  In meeting the needs of our community, we will ensure we uphold the Treaty:

  •   By ensuring we work in partnership with others.

  •  By ensuring we work towards addressing inequity so all people can participate in their community.

  •   By ensuring the cultural beliefs, values and practices of Maori are protected and opportunities to work with Maori practitioners and/or providers, where possible are offered.