Mentoring and Youth Work:

We provide mentoring for young people for 3-6 months depending on the situation.  This involves weekly connections where we talk to young people about what is going on in their lives, build safety plans if required and tailor appropriate programmes to provide information and education for the purpose of helping them to develop tools and strategies that they can use now and in their future.

Our programmes are varied and include life skills, self-esteem, tools and strategies to allow understanding of emotions, particularly anger and also discovery camp where we take youth away for four days so that they are able to discover their potential and begin to develop a sense of identity and self-worth.

Family Work:

We also provide social work support to families.  Common reasons for referral are domestic violence, budgeting, parenting, advocacy and information giving along with support to specialist services should this be required.  Where we are working with a young person, we try to support the parent/caregiver as well as the young person as we believe this is more likely to bring about long term change.  We also offer Triple P parenting programme either in a group setting or through one on one connections.

Other Useful Services